Products List

We have a wide range of product to chose from.
2023 product list coming soon!

House Plants

Best medicine in the books...


Flowers that boom spring to summer all year long.


Show stopping plants that come back year around.


We have a great selection of vegetables and herbs to choose from.

Bagged Soil, Mulch, Stone

We have a list of all bagged goods that we supply like topsoil, mulch, rocks, etc.

Garden Supplies & Lawn Care

List of our favorite garden solutions even what we use here, with links to their sites.

Christmas Greenery

We put the magic into Christmas! With a wide range of products to choose from.

Bulk Mulch

double shredded brown mulch, red and black mulch along with topsoil and garden compost.

Planters, Statuary & Fountains

Choose from our beautifully created birdbaths, to pottery, and statues.