Perennials & Trees and Shrubs

Is it time to redo your landscaping, but not really sure what plants you are looking for?

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Tree List

Maple (Acer):
Bloodgood, Crimson Princess, Emperor 1, Garnet, Green Mint, Tamukeyama, Veridis, Crimson Queen
Birch (Betula):
Heritage River, Parkland Pillar
Redbud (Cercis):
Flame Thrower, Forest Pansy, Pink Heartbreaker
Willow (Salix):
Lilac (Syringa):
Snow dance, Ivory Silk
Crabapple (Malus):
Lollipop, Royal Raindrops, Showtime, Sugar Tyme
Dogwood (Cornus):
Kou Scarlet Fire
Cherry (Prunus):
Royal Burgundy, Kwanzan, Pendula, Snowshowers, Snow fountains
Plum (Prunuscer):
Mt.St. Helen
Pear (Pyrus):
Flowering Pear
Cedar (Chamaecyparis):
Cream Ball, Weeping Alaskan
Magnolia (Grandiflora):
Arborvitae (Thuja):
Fire Chief, Green Giant, Mr. Bowling Ball, Forever Goldie, Jr. Green Giant

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